Joe & Gayle

Joe & Gayle: Retired

"We retired a few years ago. How can we make the most of the money we've saved?"

Gayle: After 35 years, Joe sold his hardware store last year and I taught high school until I retired two years ago. We worked hard over the years and have built a nest egg of 1.3 million for retirement.

Joe: We're not big fans of paying more tax than we have to, so we'd like to make the most of our retirement income. My brother and sister are already retired and they do something called pension splitting. I don't have a pension, but Linda does so maybe it's something we could do. And next year I'll have to convert my RSP to a RIF. 

Gayle: We received something in the mail about accessing the equity in our home so I'm wondering if that's a good decision for us. Most importantly, now that we're both retired we want to make sure that we preserve our capital but that doesn't mean we don't want it to grow.

Joe: Our long time advisor retired last year and while he did a great job with our investments, we didn't get much advice on the tax side. Besides, the advisor who took over our account took a whole week to return my last phone call so we're looking for someone a bit more service oriented. We'd like an advisor to help us create a retirement income plan that minimizes our tax bill.  The Financial Plan and ongoing service at Wealth Strategies is just what we were looking for.

Gayle: And what better way to spend our tax savings than on our wonderful grandchildren - three and counting!


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