Client Testimonials


We have been with Rob of Wealth Strategies for 17 years.  It’s changed our life in a positive way!  Amazing personal and professional service.  Goes above and beyond. Loves what he does.

Eric & Orchidea McCully

When Mathieu started his career I moved my investments over to him.  I have never looked back.  He listened to my concerns and made a detailed plan to meet my objectives.  For the first time I felt comfortable asking any questions and he always went the extra mile to meet my needs.

Gayle McCormick


Rob took over my financial investment since 2005, at that time I lost $ with my previous financial planner, as being an MD you don't have the time and knowledge at managing your investments. Rob uses a conservative philosophy. I feel safe and my investment grew with minimum risk. Rob works and coordinates very close with my accountant both orchestrating strategies at planning my finance. I did not have the time yet to read his book" No Regrets", but I don't regret hiring Rob as my financial planner.

Dr. Ed Cattan

I am extremely satisfied with my decision to leave another firm and transfer to Wealth Strategies. A very comprehensive and easy to understand financial plan was prepared for me and Mathieu was very accessible to answer my questions before I decided to transfer and throughout the process. They are knowledgeable, detail oriented, transparent, and treat clients as individuals. I am extremely confident and comfortable in my decision to work with Wealth Strategies.

Dr. JoAnn Harrold 


I have had a wonderful experience with Wealth Strategies.  Robert and his crew has made my life and the one of my family a safe and profitable one.  Only great words can be said of them. 

Marie Chantal Rouleau


The team at Wealth Strategies does an exceptional job for their clients!  We feel so well taken care of.  It gives us great peace of mind knowing we have direct access to solid financial advice anytime we need it.

Ian and Andrea Nicholls


My husband and I started with Rob in 2001 and as a result retirement does not contain financial stress and there are sufficient funds to do a lot of extra activities and travel.  His advice continues to be solid and in my best interests.

Charlotte Foster

Mathieu has been my trusted financial advisor for over 10 years.  I have happily recommended him to friends and family and rest assured knowing that he treats me like family when he advises me how to manage my portfolio.

S. Norris-Elye


Rob has been working since 2004 protecting and growing my investments.  He spent the time to understand better than me my investment personality.  His conservative philosophy complements my risky one and in addition to protecting my capital he is always exploring new ways to grow my investments with minimum risk.  The only con in dealing with Rob is that because I believe my investments are relatively safe and continue to grow steadily I have become quite lazy with respect to keeping informed about the market.  There are so many more interesting things for me to do than make money so why not leave that to the proven experts?

Roger Miskowicz


It has been 6 years since we entered into our ‘advisor-client’ relationship upon having reached retirement and I just want to express our high degree of satisfaction with the decision we made to work with you as our independent, fee-based Financial Advisor.

Our results to date are generally in accordance with our goals.  These goals were worked out with you in the development of the financial plan that that you prepared.  Of course, higher ROI would always be welcome but at a level of risk that might not be in our interest given the established goals.  I say this because, in periods of financially turbulent times, you reminded us that we set out with long term objectives and that meant staying the course when emotion could have easily have lead us to knee-jerk adjustments that would not, in the long term, have been to our benefit.

We value your judgement, appreciate your integrity, and have confidence in your analysis. It has been a worthwhile relationship from the start and we look forward to maintaining it in the years to come.

Terry and Elizabeth Payan

I feel that my modest investment is in very good hands maybe the safest place to have money.

Bernie Larocque


Love dealing with Wealth Strategies.  Rob has always been a great source of advices.

Wafik and Nina Gazale


Very pleased to have Rob as my financial advisor for the last 14 years.  His advice was instrumental in helping me to make a decision to retire so that I could pursue my passion on music.

Noel Ferreira


Rob and Mathieu are always available to answer questions and concerns.

Norhaliza Abdul-Alim


Rob manages my money as if it was his own.  He has provided me a “peace of mind” to trust and not second guess.  Thank you Rob.

Jim Neubauer


Mathieu and Rob are excellent people.  They gave me great advice and are always willing to help.  Anna too.

Jeff Elliott

We met with Rob and Mathieu Paradis about 1 year ago.  We appreciated their frankness, explanations and professionalism.  Mathieu is always available to answer any questions.  He developed a financial plan that is realistic and achievable.  So far we are very satisfied.  Thank you.

Lucie Frank


I always come away from my reviews feeling reassured, better informed and excited about my life goals.

Sharon Tremaine

I have been with Robert Abboud Wealth Strategies for nearly 17 years.  I have been very satisfied.

Pearl McCully


Upbeat accessible financial planner.  No nonsense approach to discussing realistic future investments.  Genuine concern for families that they achieve success in their financial goals which he has helped to develop and grow.

Brian Neubauer and Christine Connelly


Rob is a very good investor.  I have only been investing for a bit with Rob but I find he is the best.

Caleb Dagenais


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